Block Soho

Raising the steaks

We do steak, chops and seafood – and things that go really well with steak, chops and seafood.

Our meat, fish and vegetables are sourced from the best guys in the businesses and we treat everything with the respect it deserves when it arrives in our kitchen. Nothing is wasted and we age our meat to perfection in our Himalayan salt chamber.

The Block chefs are fully fledged grill masters, but we’d be nothing without the people who put the chops on the block.

Block Soho

Newlyn Fish Market

We also get daily deliveries from Newlyn Fish Market in Cornwall, bringing us the very best of British seafood. Around 100 fishermen land up to 40 different species of fresh fish every day at Newlyn Harbour, meaning we’ve always got something fresh for the specials board.

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